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How to choose your path in a spiritual practice? The internal compass…

When you embark on the journey of remembering, or “awakening” as some might call it, you will soon find out that there is a lot of contradictory information coming from different spiritual teachers or empowerment coaches. It is easy to get lost when you are new to all of this and you might be filled with a great misunderstanding as to why some teach one thing, while others teach the complete opposite. It is as if you were at the supermarket and you had so many choices of your favourite product that you get lost due to the different packaging, size or taste.

Here are some examples of apparent contradictory teachings:

- focus on positivity / allow all of your feelings to be expressed, including the negative ones

- focus on your inner light / the teaching that in order to get into the light, you must also accept your darkness

- fear is an illusion / fear is a valuable tool which shows you what you need to integrate

- your ego is bad and you should get rid of it /your ego is your friend, accept it as it is

- you have lived multiple past lives / there is no past and future, you are actually living parallel lives

- go with the flow of life / take your life into your own hands and take initiative

- ground yourself to be more spiritual aware / go out of body to gain more spiritual awareness

- set loving boundaries / we are all one, boundaries are not necessary

Which is the final the truth or the correct approach? Who’s right and who’s wrong?

The answer is that every statement is correct, despite their apparent contradiction. All the truths are valid.


Because these teachings use different angles and apply to different vibrational setpoints and dimensions in our reality.

Let us take the example of our dreams. When we are dreaming during our sleep, some rules in our dream might be contradictory to the ones in our awaken state. You may have a dream that you are flying with your physical body, so according to your “real world”, you are defying the rules of gravity. Is it true that you can fly in your “real world” with your physical body? No, or at least not yet, except if you are a super hero and you are not aware of it. However, the experience in the dream seamed very real to the dreamer: you really felt the air around you when you flew or even felt a bit anxious about the height. So, who it is to say that the rules in your dream are not real; they felt pretty real at that point. You are able to make the judgement that what you have experienced in your dream was an illusion, only when you are in your awaken state.

This is exactly what happens on a larger scale: as above, so below.

We chose to expand our consciousness and perception of duality by having this life in the 3rd dimension. The 3D is an illusion in which we decided to experience a dream where we can create. Because of the dualistic environment of our 3d realm and the “dream state”, the rules that apply to this dimension are as well illusionary and contradictory to the universal truth.

However, this does not mean that the truths of the 3D are not true; they are true for this particular dimension, while they remain an illusion if you look from the perspective of a different dimension.

“Ok, I understand” you may say. “But how do I know what applies to my vibrational setpoint?”

I would suggest that you stop looking for a final truth, and connect to your feelings. This is our internal compass showing us where we really stand, we cannot fake emotions. Your emotions will tell you what is right for you and what truth you can use to raise your vibration. Listen to the teachers that make you feel empowered, that make you feel good and avoid teachings that bring in fear (except if you believe that fear is serving you). The teaching that will resonate with you will be the one which is a match to your current vibrational state.

We are shifting from a previous paradigm where we needed leaders to guide us, to a paradigm where you reconnect with your own internal compass which is constantly in connection with the universal truth. What will be true for you, will not necessarily be true for the person next to you, because while you chose to experience physicality together, your energetic vibrations might differ, and thus your truths as well. Everyone is building their own reality.

You may want to create your own set of views and beliefs by mixing teachings from different sources that work for you at a given time. Accept that these teachings and beliefs will shift in your life, as you continue to increase your vibration and reconnect with your own internal guidance.

We grew up with the belief that an external authority knows best. This is the time to shift your perspective. No one knows what is best for you, except yourself! While it is very useful to listen to the guidance of spiritual teachers, they are not showing you your way, but merely activating the light within you so that you can remember your own truth.

Your reality will become a kaleidoscope, where you play around with concepts, while remaining centered in your “being” and create from a state of wonder.

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