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The illussion of separation : light vs dark

Lillith speaks :

I am Lillith, I am the dark Goddess, I am the light God, I am the whore, I am the saint, I am hate and I am love, I am all there is, for there is nowhere that I am not. I am the one that has embraced her darkness and light, and have seen the perfection in all of these aspects and the spectrum that derives from them. 

You remember that you are whole when you reunite these two aspects (light and dark) and you rememer that they have never been separate in oneness.

My aim is not to bring your perceived shadows into the light, nor to show you how to see in the dark. I am here to show you how to feel, for darkness is about that: feeling, not seeing. Darkness is the void, the void in the space, the void in your body, the prima materia, the formless form from which everything was created

"And God said, let there be light!" Doesn’t this mean, that light was infused into something that was already there? The darkness represents this primordial formless form.

Light and dark are, as you would say in your reality: twin flame concepts. You have decided to separate them, because this has served you in your game, when in fact, they have always been whole and co-creators. None is more important than the other, higher or lower, brighter or more perfect. A lot of light workers, are still caught in the paradigm focused upon placing light above darkness: "be the light, bring the light, stay in the light". When you decide to stay in this reality of separtion, everything that is in the void will be seen through the perspective of duality and judgement.

Let me explain a bit better. As you know, there are multiple truths in this infinite universe, depending upon the paradigms you decide to play in. Some decide to play in paradigms where light and dark are seen as completely opposite, and therefore they will encounter aspects that you have labelled as shadows, entities, lost souls, negative feelings, energy vampires, victims, tyrans, bad reptilians, etc. (your list is long). This is going to be their truth and this truth will govern their paradigm. Others, have decided to play in paradigms where  the separation between these two aspects is less rigid, or where no separation exists at all. In these paradigms, other truths will apply and where previous cited aspects will be less present or not at all present. These paradigms are very fluid, you may very well decide to play one day in one of them, and switch the day after, and play in the other paradigm. It is your sovereign decision, although you are not consciously aware of this process.

We are not here to judge you, nor tell you that one paradigm is better than the other one: we are here to empower you to question yourself: which paradigm serves you better for your own expansion?  It is all a matter of choice. So please continue to question, and question even what we are sharing here. Self inquiry brings into the equation your divine mind. When you start the process of inquiry, you enter into the game of questioning with your ego mind (which tends to see things as true or false), and you switch into the God’s mind (which does not judge and has a neutral perspective). 

Let us talk about darkness. Just like the universe, your physical body is mainly made of darkness, and not light, because darkness represents the potential of creation. This shows you how powerful the God’s mind is, because there is an infinite potential of creation and expansion, given the high amount of darkness. Therefore, when you judge darkness as being bad, you are judging most of your being as being bad, including your creative potential. 

You may associate darkness with the dark soil or a womb, if it is easier for you to grasp the concept. Would you ever think that the soil is bad, because it holds no light? No, because no one decided to create this paradigm in your reality. The darkness we are talking about, is the exact type of darkness of the soil, or of a mother's womb: nurturing, protective, warm, with an infinite power of creation where anything is possible. In this darkness, there is beingness, there is presence, and presence means transcending time. The baby in the mother's womb does not control the process of creation, it is in complete beingness and not in the "doingness".

If you wish, the light could represent the "to do" (action), darkness represents the "to be" (presence). You need both for your creative process. You become aware of something (this means that you are present) and then you take action. The light is born in the darkness. If you may wish, you can associate light to the divine masculine and darkness to the divine feminine. Given the fact that you have both within you (light and dark, masculine and feminine, twin flames, etc.), their divine natural process is to get together in a divine union. 

Remember that the real key to your remembrance is in your darkness: not only metaphorically speaking (when so called negative, dark events catalyze you to shift something in your life), but literally: it is by connecting with the darkness in your physical body, the empty space in your body, the void, that you activate the God mollecule within you, the prima materia.

I am Lillith."

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