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Yeshua about the current energies (unplugging - blackout -re-plugging)

I am Yeshua,

Indeed, you are all going through a transformation process. Transformation is such a beautiful creative process, but it can get messy: you may perceive that you are lost, and that you have no anchor. This is because you are actually pulling away your anchor, unplugging from a paradigm that was based on a false identify and re-anchoring yourself into another paradigm that is directly connected with your true essence. You are unplugging from an electricity system, a system of beliefs, a consciousness that no longer serves you.

After the unplugging has occurred, you will experience that "in between" space, the darkness, a complete blackout. This middle space, is very important. It is where the deprogramming and reprogramming starts, it is where the body is no longer fed by the "former" frequency of the electricity system which could cause your body to experience anxiety, fear, "unpleasant" emotions or pains. It is as if your body was going through a detox from former programmings, and in the beginning it is indeed an uncomfortable process, and you might experience some "hallucinations", such as seeing monsters in the dark (meaning different forms of fears). This is why it is so important to stay present with your body, hold yourself in compassion, in self love, and say to yourself as often as you can "It is ok, it is ok". Like a child who is scared when the lights go off.

During the "black out", your ego might panic and attach this experience to a form of destruction. However, nothing is being destroyed, you are merely stepping into your own power, and realizing that the 3D "electricity system" no longer serves you, the connection is no longer functioning. Your plugging wire is worn out (it has served it's purpose), and your spark is no longer feeding the 3d electricity system. We could say that this system is already on "off" mode, and only a little generator is still keeping it active.

And then remember, that whenever you experience a blackout, the next thing you do, is to reach out for another light source: a candle, a flashlight, which is usually something that is always there. Your light source which is always there, is your Heart. Your heart is showing you that there are no monsters, and there is nothing to be afraid of. You are called to trust this process, because just like in your human experience, the electricity is eventually coming back. So, the more you become conscious in this "in between" space and stay centered in your heart, the easier it will get for your body. The more you connect with your heart, the more you will start to appreciate the silence and stillness of this darkness.

You are, and will continue to be plugging into a brand new electricity system, a new data center, a new consciousness (however, you know very well that nothing is new, it is something that has been merely forgotten). To use the analogy of the computer programming, if in the old system you were using a binary digit system to create and store data (0;1, meaning duality), you will now plug your wire into a very "modern" data center with codes that are completely updated (we could say that there will be new digits introduced in the system, which expand your creative possibilities). You will be able to develop more expanded programmings that are more aligned with your highest potential.

I wish to underline, that on this current lifetime vector, no one is "left behind". Versions of you, on other lifetime vectors (you may call them past lives), might choose to continue to experience their creative process based on fear and separation. I am not here to judge the way other aspects of you decide to create. However, please be aware that all of you have decided to focus your point of attention onto this present vector, because this current lifetime encompasses the largest spectrum of possibilities for you to express your human potential. Yes, it may be hard to grasp, but this is your most "important" lifetime as a human being.

Just like in the movie "Inception", you all have accepted to play the role of architects and designers. What would be the dream game, without the creativity of an architect who is designing the foundations of this dream? You are all now laying down the foundations for your "future", "ascended" aspects to be able to thrive. Can you please understand how powerful you are? It is not a lifetime to play small. You are not destroying, you are redesigning.

The pieces of this new creation that you are currently designing, are like Lego blocks.You can create whatever you want with these blocks (an imaginary sacred temple or a war machine), but the core of this creation will remain always the same: Lego blocks, in different shapes, sizes, colors. So, either in a 3D reality, or a 5D reality, the foundation of this design is always love in different variations, including those aspects that represent a "call for love", which you are labeling as negative. You have outgrown the need to build war machines and separation, and now you wish to create something more loving to you. Have fun, and enjoy your creative process.

We are here with you, as aspects of you, as versions of you. We love you. You are all powerful creators.

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