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Empowering You

The mentoring program "Empowering You" is intended for any one who wishes to go on a deeper journey within, to release what is not part of who you truly are and embody your full divine potential.

About the program

Throughout my work, I have come to see that no matter how beautiful a session was, very often, it doesn’t lead to immediate change. Our minds require a certain guiding process to follow throughout the manifestation of a desired vision of change. 

The mentoring program "Empowering You", offers a continuous support to those who wish to connect deeper with their Truth and fully embody it. By Truth, I mean, the true reality that you are: an infinite being, who is meant to enjoy the human experience, to create from a place of abundance, and who feels worthy of the blessings that Earth has to offer. You decided to come on Earth and have the human experience. It is also your decision how you want this experience to be.

We are able to fully enjoy our human experience, to expand and grow, when we undo years and lifetimes of false patterning, unraveling of our false identities that were created as a result of so many experiences.

The mentoring program goes much deeper into the source of a challenge, as it connects not only with the mental and emotional level, but takes a comprehensive approach, including your spiritual development.

This program is:

- a guided self healing process;

- an activation of your true potential;

- an activation of your path of service.


The process

The mentoring program is designed in 2 packages:

- a mentoring package of 4 sessions @555€; or

- a mentoring package of 7 sessions @777€.


The package contains the following:

- 1 session to get to know you, and your unique life story;

- 3 or 6 sessions (depending upon the package of mentoring that you choose);

- guided meditations to support you on your journey;

- personal light language symbol to activate you;

- on-going 

Each mentoring session is customized to suit each person's needs and path. A mentoring session could include:  

- en empowering conversation;

- a hypnosis session;

- a light language activation;

- a channeled messages from your guides; or

all of the above in one session. 

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