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Connecting with the source within you

Purple Glow

What is light language

Light Language is a multidimensional frequency, an encoding of sound and light.

Light Language speaks directly to your DNA, activating and re-coding your personal vibrational signature.  It is a powerful tool that brings alignment with a new vibration of well-being. 

Light language is understood by all on a soul level.  Your heart speaks Light Language fluently.

Much of its clarity is within the trust of the unknown, breaking through mental barriers, by opening your heart, and your cells to receive whatever is in alignment with you in that moment.

Sound and Light Language offering

With the permission of your Higher Self, I will be channeling sound and light language that will reprogram your thoughts, emotions, physical health, DNA and will integrate multidimensional aspects of your soul.

Your Higher Self/True Self or your Galactic Family are the ones deciding what is best for you to receive in this moment of your life. 

Wheat Field
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