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Connecting with your inner resources

Rock Maze

Intuitive sessions 

Each intuitive reading is as unique as you are and has the purpose to offer you information aligned with your highest aspirations, to invite healing and stimulate your creative energy.

The sessions can be helpful to people concerned about their health, wealth, purpose, career, relationships, or their spiritual growth.

The responses to your questions come through card readings and intuitive guidance received from your spirit guides. A session can include light language activation and a guided meditation.

Please note that the intuitive readings are not fortunetelling, as your future unfolds based on the creative choices that you are making in each moment.

The session will support you in regaining clarity and connecting with your inner resources. 

Regardless of whether you schedule an in person  session, or a distance session, you will greatly benefit from the experience.

Generallly, an intuitive session lasts around one hour.

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