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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the structure of a Beyond Quantum Healing session?

  • Getting to know you and setting an intention for the session: We start the session with a conversation where we discuss about your areas of concern and clarify the questions that you would like to ask. 

  • Hypnosis : You will be guided into a deeply relaxed brain state where we explore deeper levels of your consciousness. We connect with your true self, and receive answers to your questions.  This part of the session will be audio recorded so you can listen to it afterwards. 

  • Review: We take some time to review your session and to ground.

Am I going to see or experience something that I do not wish to?

Results are completely individual. I am merely a guide and a facilitator. Know, that ALL HEALING IS SELF HEALING. It is your Higher Self or your team who will assist you with the needed healing.

How long does a session take?

Sessions usually last 4 hours, and an individual can gain maximum benefits in just one session.

Will I remember what happened during the session afterwards?

Yes, most people do. Hypnosis is not anesthesia. During the session, you are always in control, aware and conscious of the experience. Think of it like being in a relaxed trance state - we are in a trance state during multiple times of the day. For example, we enter these "trance" states when we are watching TV, staring at your computer screen, driving long distances on "auto pilot" mode, meditating, "zoning out" or even daydreaming. It is very simple to get into the state of hypnosis trance.

Once you come out of the “hypnotic state” the theta brain waves, you will most likely be able to remember most of what happened, though with time it will fade just like a dream. 

No. Your Higher Self will give you only information that you are ready to receive, in a gentle and compassionate way.

Do I need to believe in past lives/reincarnation/God?

No, you only need to believe in your inner power and capacity to connect to a greater depth of You in order to be open to having a successful sesison. With curiosity, your mind automatically opens to all the possibilities. 

Opening yourself up to the curiosity allows yourself to take that first step towards connecting with your true self. If anything, you will experience what it feels like to become better in tune with your own intuition and self-knowing of your own truth.

Will I be healed during the session?

What is the difference between 'Beyond Quantum Healing' and 'Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®'?

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) are similar in that both sessions experience relevant past lives as well as connection to the Higher Self for healing and answers.
Beyond Quantum Healing allows for a wider interpretation of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®. BQH Practitioners are able to incorporate other healing modalities into their Hypnosis sessions on an as-needed basis, depending on what comes up during the session — so that each session can be tailored to fit the individual client's needs when it comes to healing and understanding.

You keep mentioning about the "Higher Self". Could you explain the meaning of this concept?

Your Higher Self (or True Self, Divine Self) is that part of you that is always connected with the Divine, the eternal consciousness, the source. It is your True self, that expands beyond your body, your mind or ego. Your Higher Self knows  everything about your present life, and about the purpose of your present incarnation.  During our incarnation, It guides us and acts as a compass. All you have to do, is reconnect with this inner part and receive answers

Is it possible to have a session in a language that is not my mother tongue?

Yes. If the language of the session is not your mother tongue, I advise you to chose that language which makes you feel more comfortable. Your comfort and confidence in your own power are key factors for our session. I conduct sessions in English, French and Romanian.

Can sessions be done online?

Yes. Online sessions are just as successful as in-person sessions. Prior to your online session, I work to connect to your energy and Spirit Team. When we meet together online, we work in the Quantum field where we go above and beyond the traditional time and space limitations. Online sessions are conducted via Zoom (app available to download for free). A strong internet connection and a good-quality headset are required.

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