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"This was my first contact with Quantum Healing and I had a lot of fears and misconceptions. Ludmila was very kind and patient and took the time to answer all my questions days before our session. During the session I felt safe to confide her all my questions, I trusted her to represent my rational self. I really felt that we were a team. She has such a good vibe and a calm voice, that every concerns I had just vanished away. I would recommend Ludmila to anyone. Even if you don’t know what Quantum Healing is about, just ask her and take it from there. I was in a point in my life where I felt stuck and this session with Ludmila was exactly what I needed to help me move forward with joy, faith and gratitude. Thank you! 


"Ludmila works from the heart and connects with you on a soul level. She shared some amazing high vibrational frequencies with me (as some may know as light language), in a recent spiritual reading, and it has brought forth great insight.
She is well attuned, and connected, and I know that she will be right person for you. Chrysilla"

"I had a light language activation and card reading. Ludmila is an amazing guide. She'll lovingly guide you to find clarity by empowering you with her readings. She holds space for your healing with so much integrity and love. She was spot on with her messages about my marriage and career!
Hearing light language started activating my own light language and it was a magical experience.
Ludmila is one of the best healers I've worked with as she will give you specific, practical steps for you to move forward. If you're looking for clarity, I definitely recommend working with her!


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