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The mentoring program aims to create a safe space for change to occur, so that you can connect and embody your true authentic Self. The program is not constructed as the typical coaching session, but is rather tailored to addressed your own needs and allow you to discover your unique gifts.

The mentoring sessions make you realize that your true identity goes beyond the perception that is constructed by your mind about yourself, and the challenges that you encounter, and further leads you to discover your True Self. 

By the end of the program, the empowering process will lead to you connecting with a deeper sense of self awareness, you feel more balance within you and your surroundings, and live your life with more passion and joy.


Self awareness


Balance between the masculine and the feminine energies

Emotional and mental well-being

Embracing the totality of who you are without judgement

Revisiting your priorities

Making choices from a balanced and empowered state


Passion for life

Connect with your heart

Feeling more vibrant and passionate about your life 

Having a deeper connections with your environment and your purpose

Connecting with a deeper sense of clarity and freedom

Self love

Enhanced creativity

Releasing of limiting beliefs, patterns; behaviors and addictions

Overcoming fears and anxieties

Letting go 

Activating your self healing ability

Discovering your authentic Self

Having more compassion for your self and others

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