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Light Language - what is it?

With so many beautiful souls remembering how to connect with light language, maybe you have already been asking yourself what light language really is. I will share with you my own feelings and my own perspective about light language, and please bear in mind that many will have their own unique point of view. All of these different perspectives are in fact creating a beautiful kaleidoscope, allowing you to explore and play with your own truth.

One of the primordial needs for human beings is connection. Connection could be defined as a harmonious and coherent energy exchange between two beings, or between different aspects of self. Connection, which happens both in relationship to others, and within ourselves, has the power to instigate change. It brings depth into our life, builds trust, enhances the feeling of belonging, of love, and brings you closer to your authentic self.

We could say that connection goes beyond the simple exchange of information through verbal or written communication, which usually is centered in our minds. Connection is more of an exchange of emotions, like an activation, that creates an expansion in your body. You can experience this connection through physical contact, through open communication with someone, or through other various means, such as listening to a beautiful song, dancing freely with your body, being in nature, etc.

Connection is felt, and doesn't need to be understood. Moreover, connection will activate what you already have within you. For instance, when you connect with a person or a situation, you may feel a flow of compassion not because that person or situation gave you compassion, but because it is something inherent in you.

As we are expanding our awareness and presence in our human bodies, it is only natural that we are also expanding our means of connecting and our capacity to feel the depth of this connection. This is where light language comes in.

Light language is another form of connecting with that multidimensional version of you. This connection goes beyond a simple form of communication, although it could be indeed used to convey a message (just like open communication can create a deep sense of connection).

This form of multidimensional connection, can be expressed and felt, just like connection in our physical bodies, through many channels, such as sounds, toning, spoken words, written symbols, art, mudras, dance, etc. Because connection is flowing and is felt, it cannot be defined by only one way of expression.

So we could say that light language is a frequency, a vibration, a code, that allows you to connect with your true divine potential. It is like an encoded map, a sacred geometry pattern, that is guiding you on that journey of finding your treasure: which is YOU! Your true self holds the wisdom of feeling into this map, and will guide you on this path of change that will be naturally occurring when you trust and allow.

How does connection through light language instigate change?

Light language acts as a gateway, a portal, which activates dormant information within you and allows you to remember your own divinity, your true potential. Given the fact that your mind does not understand it, light language will act as a direct catalyst of change which is infused in your DNA, flowing through the cracks of the ego self.

You don't need to understand the process of connecting with your true self, nor the process of change, you feel it and allow it to happen.

When you connect with light language, change will occur in layers, and you will receive/activate exactly what is needed for you in that moment.

Are there different types of light languages?

Of course, there are a myriad types of light languages. Just like human, animals, plants, have their own way of connecting, many different types of light language connections can be channeled. You may hear light language channeled from galactic beings, or from other collectives, such as the dolphin, the fairy, the tree collective, etc.

So whenever you decide to have a light language session or listen to a recording with light language channeling, please know that your soul will immediately connect with this frequency, you do not need to control this process. This form of connection happens in the quantum field. Change will occur in a manner that is not linear, and will be directed by the divine intelligence of your true self where it is required in your energy.

Remember, that everyone "understands" light language, and everyone can speak it. Allow yourself to feel the freedom of flowing with the change within you, that is naturally occurring.

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